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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Critical Race Theory Course for Parents

In this self-guided course, parents will learn about what critical race theory is and is not, curriculum used in K-12 schools, considerations for school admissions and how to support their child's learning. A private, 1-1 consultation ensures your questions are answered and that you have ideas about how to support your child. 

You will gain access to:

  • Four Videos and a 1-1 Private Consultation

    Easy and digestible definitions and concepts are explained in video and text formats. A 45 minute, 1-1 private consultation is included in the fee for this course. 

  • What is CRT? Understanding DEI curriculum in a K-12 educational setting

    In this first video, parents learn what CRT is and is not and how to understand their child's DEI curriculum.

  • Ways to partner with schools on DEI/CR-S curriculum development

    In this second video, parents learn specific approaches to partner with their child's school.

  • How to approach DEI within the school admissions process

    In this third video, parents learn about how to consider schools along with their DEI initiatives and curriculum.

  • How to talk with and support my student with DEI/CR-S curriculum

    In this final video, parents learn ways to support their student. Following this, parents may schedule their private, 1-1 consultation with Dr. Wise. 

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Our goal is to empower parents to support their children's learning experiences in order to ensure they learn well. This course aims to help parents to understand an important aspect of their education and to be empowered with ways to partner with schools and their children. 

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