I didn't build our brains, parenting roles or the educational systems, but I know about them and I am glad to teach you everything I know. I have spent the past 25 years working in the field of education - both in the public and private systems. I raised three children here and I have successfully taught countless families about how to parent their school-aged children. My goal is for your child to reach their optimal learning potential and for you to have a strong relationship throughout your journey together. My team and I are here to serve you.

Mary Miele


Give Me 60 Minutes...

And I'll teach you about the brain, ADHD, and how to advocate for your child with ADHD. 


When: Thursday, November 18th from 9-10am EST via Zoom (attendance is confidential as there is no video and attendees can anonymously participate) 


What if I Can't Attend Live? There is a Self-Guided Video and Materials are Available in the Class Portal for Download


Benefits of this workshop include:

  • Learn about the Brain and ADHD.

    You'll learn the fundamentals about the brain and ADHD.

  • Assess your child's symptoms.

    You'll take time to inventory your child's symptoms at school, home and within extracurricular activities. 

  • View successful strategies and roadmaps.

    You will discover ways that a variety of parents have successfully advocated for their child with ADHD. 

  • Prepare for how you will advocate for your child.

    Reflect, review and react to what has been shared, and have support to handle your advocacy plan.  

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Refund Policy

I am so confident that this workshop will add value to your parenting experience. However, if this workshop does not help you to advocate for your child, write me an email explaining why it did not and I will gladly refund your money upon review of your experience. 

If you have questions about your order, please email us at hello@evolveded.com. We typically respond within 24 hours! 

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